Manairons: fantastic creatures from the Pyrenees mythology, they are so small that in a cane stem

you can find thousands of them and when it is uncovered they get out so demanding and asking

for a job, then they say: "what shall we do?, what shall we say? "


The legend says that many of the tarteres (mountains of stones) in the Pyrenees have been made

by these goblins. The reason was that when the owner had opened by mistake or accident

the small bottle or cane he became desperate for their threats ("what shall we do,

what shall we say?") and ordered them to gather all the surroundings stones.


And while transporting stones our manairó watched the garden nearby and thought,

"What a delicious trinxat  (mashed potato and cabbage cake)I  would make with that cabbage!".


This tale says that one day this manairó came down from the mountains and settled in Barcelona

... Who knows?


The truth is that at the Manairó Restaurant we like to cook, to present our personality

to customers, let them enjoy a few dishes where the flavors are well marked

and well connected to our tradition and making each meal an unique